Ben Lippert's running updates and race stats.

Time off

Much to my dismay, I plan on taking about two weeks off from any physical activity in an effort to let my knee heal.

Official training for the Twin Cities Marathon begins in early August. I will focus on core strengthening and weight lifting during this time off. There will most likely be several rounds of disc golf and dog walks mixed in there, too.

Ugh. Injuries really, really stink.

Mileage for week of July 7

Last week, I ran 25.2 miles. This week, I ran 26.4 miles. I will continue increasing my mileage by small gains each week, until the first week of August, when my nine weeks of marathon training begins.

You know, [running] a marathon is not a simple job. It’s miles and miles. It’s 26 miles, 42 kilometers.
Daniel Njenga